42 thoughts on “4 Poems Up at The Basil O’Flaherty

  1. Wish I could like or comment over there—but, anyway, congratulations, Bob. I remember having read three of these, but it’s always nice to rediscover stunning shifts in language. Keeps the creative mind sharp, although I might subconsciously borrow an idea here and there. What can I say in my defense except that your phrasings and techniques (the few that I’m able to discern) impress themselves into one’s creative mind!

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  2. These meditations are at once almost nihilistic and empowering. The exploration of the what the point might even be for us to have this capacity for exploration is so perfectly assembled and explicated through the course of the series — beginning in a disoriented state of gaping into night’s maw, and ending, decidedly liberated (facing/welcoming disaster on one’s own terms) — is breathtaking.

    The observation of the streets’ “grey hunger” in Bandera is devastating… and my favorite image here.

    Congratulations, once again, amico!

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