A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part III)

A glimpse at 2017…


In our Resolutions series, we’ve asked writers, artists, photographers, poets, and business and website owners: what’s in store for you — and your site — in 2017? Last week, we shared goals here at Discover and The Daily Post. Here’s a final set of resolutions to inspire your own journey in the new year.

Robert Okaji, poet,O at the Edges

O at the Edges will remain focused on poetry, but I hope to look outward beyond my own writing, by adding monthly interviews and Q&A posts with poets and editors, and by increasing interaction with other writers.

There will be a slight shift to include more political and socially conscious writing, with perhaps an expansion of related prose. We live in curious times, and I’ve come to believe that communication, even within the confines of poetry, is essential to our growth and betterment.

We live in curious times…

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14 thoughts on “A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part III)

  1. Nice to see this. Your plans for the blog sound great to me. I would like to think it’s an example of brilliant minds think alike that Just a week or so ago I used the phrase hope with action writing to another poet.

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