words soliloquy

Daniel Paul Marshall soliloquizes on words. This one begs to be read aloud!

Daniel Paul Marshall

i’ve been busy lately, not only writing poetry, but doing it. The Soliloquy Poems have grappled on to me like pollen to a butterflies legs, dragging me into consideration of what i want them to do. i know myself: i get carried away when the dam busts or the flower sneezes & the ideas drain out. But i didn’t want that for these poems, i wanted tautness, density, for them to be packed like a Kimchi container, juice & scent seeping out from the cracks.
For an English poet, i’ve never really explored the dynamics of the sonnet, so i hope this sea change for the Soliloquy Poems, from an out-pouring of inwit, contemplation & observation, into this very durable & condensed form will be profitable for not only writing but doing poetry.

Words Soliloquy

Every single one of them a euphemism
for abracadabra, every single one summons

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