a robert okaji triptych

José Angel Araguz discusses a few of my poems… The Friday Influence is one of the first poetry blogs I discovered; I enjoy reading José’s Friday musings. And his poetry!

The Friday Influence

Mirror – Robert Okaji

The attraction is not
unexpected. We see

what is placed
before us, not

what may be.
The mirror is empty

until approached.


Italian_Baroque_MirrorThis week’s poems were originally published as part of the Origami Poems Project who create free, downloadable microchaps. “Mirror” and “Earth” (below) come from You Break What Falls, and “Sheng-yu’s Lament” (also below) comes from No Eye But the Moon’s: Adaptations from the Chinese. Both microchaps are availabe for free on Okaji’s Origami Poems author page.

What I enjoy about “Mirror” is how it engages the symbol of a mirror lyrically, so that the metaphysical connotations don’t weigh the poem down. Instead, the short lyric passes as quickly as a reflection, while its insights linger like light.

A similar engine is at the heart of “Earth.” Both poems deal with human presence and their implications. Where one fills the “empty”…

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24 thoughts on “a robert okaji triptych

  1. I feel like my mirror is commenting on your mirror today…perhaps it’s true, as I told Merril, that we are becoming characters in each others’ musings. If I am channeling you, that is definitely a good thing! (K)

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