3 Poems Up at Quiet Letter


I’m delighted to announce that three of my poems are live at Quiet Letter. The three (“Cutting Down the Anniversary Pine,” “Strollermelon,” and “Memory and Closets“), were written during the 30/30 challenges I undertook during the past two Augusts to raise funds for Tupelo Press, a non-profit literary publisher.

26 thoughts on “3 Poems Up at Quiet Letter

    • Thank you, Daniel. I am the poet of forgetfulness. Today I found a poem I wrote eight months ago. It had totally escaped my mind, but fortunately read better today than it did eight months ago. Funny how that is. 🙂

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  1. The use of lists is nicely handled.These poems have something of Under Milk Wood about them, sort of not quite surreal. but certainly anti-real, in the cinematic-lingo sense: the asides to odd characters, half caricatured as much by what isn’t said & what is, such as Damon with his new pants. & the lists of course, which Thomas uses to great effect, especially, onions.

    like a parrot perched on a smiling egg,
    never spoke, but stirred the conversation.

    is a great image & really forces the hyperbole of a fashion statement, really wish i’d thought of it.

    Wonderful stuff as ever Bob.

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