Ghazal of the Two Witches

This ghazal!

Unnatural Banquet

He can name the date and place of the spell; which of us won
was nowhere on his mind, only that he fell. Which of us won?

Your work is distinctive, hungry and lean, it lopes unhinged
with a spring of folly, with a sheen of hell. Which of us won?

My work is subtle, scientific; I remember weaving over a mile
of acetate, each song seeping under his shell. Which of us won?

I confess they impressed me, your wild bindings (pine needles
in his knees), the acts only you could compel. Which of us won?

I brought him painted deserts, enchanted canyons, the warmth
of strangers no midwestern winter could dispel. Which of us won?

Care was a potion neither of us had mastered but I managed
a tincture that tempered your infernal swell. Which of us won?

Now, when we sometimes wonder that his touch upon a…

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