“What ‘Should’ Artists Do?” Part Two

In Part Two of “What ‘Should’ Artists Do?” Daniel Schnee discusses “willingness.”

Dr. Daniel Schnee


Recently I asked a fellow artist if she had any creative topic she wished me to write about, and her response was completely fantastic… replying “I would like to hear your thoughts about resistance… that thing that stops a person from doing what they should be doing”. And, as I outlined in Part One of this two part series, taking one’s art form seriously while taking oneself not seriously was a major step towards being free of obstructive ideas about artistic creation. Other strategies were reevaluating notions around words like “should” and “must” when considering and pursuing originality in art (what an artist “should” do).

But there was a key element missing in part one, which was: what an artist is willing to do. If a thing can stop us then (a) there must be an amount of unwillingness to change it (if it is in our control), or (b)…

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