Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death

Jeff Schwaner’s poem about impending loss strikes me hard today.

Translations from the English


Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death

You have been coming this way for over a year
And I know it has taken a lot from you

Moving so slow

But I cannot let you in just yet.
He is too weak to move from our bed

These last few days but he still purrs
When he’s aware we are with him

And you can’t come into this room.
I will bring him down to you in a day

Or maybe two

There is so little left of him and by the time
I lift him from the bed everything

That’s valuable will already be gone.
I have carried them down before you know

I will not leave you waiting

Any longer than it takes in the meantime
There’s coffee a piano some books to read

The chairs I know are not comfortable
Down here where you wait

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10 thoughts on “Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bob. Makes me extra-grateful for my still well middle-aged felines and reminds me, too, of a friend whose good old cat’s passage can likewise not be far off.

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  2. Oh, man…this is a hard one. My cats (in particular, their passing) have helped me and my children accept death as a necessary part of life. I’ve been with two of our cats as they died, and while I was sad, it was a remarkable experience. Now, among other animals with whom we share our home, we have two cranky, old cats who are nonetheless sweet, and we recently took in an abandoned kitten. Talk about a jolt of life. Thanks for sharing this piece.

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