Two Haibun and a Short Poem at The Zen Space

I’m delighted to have two haibun and another short piece in the Summer 2018 Showcase at The Zen Space. Many thanks to editor Marie Marshall for taking these pieces.

15 thoughts on “Two Haibun and a Short Poem at The Zen Space

  1. Wow! Wow! What an amazing showcase at Zen Place! I began perusing some of the REAL LIVE HAIKU there, and I found myself breathless, quivering, and smiling all at once. I need to go back!

    But first, I wanted to congratulate you on this magnificent placement of “Thunder,” “Pain,” and “Waiting for the Shakuhachi…” I literally LOLed with recognition of myself in the haiku portion of “Pain.” There is a certain joy to be found in commiseration over some forms of (tragically humorous?) human hardship.

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