Two Poems in Voices

I’ve added the link to the journal.

O at the Edges

I’m delighted to report that my poems “Sometimes Love is a Dry Gutter” and “Every Drop” are included in the new Nigerian publication Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions. Thank you, Victor Eshameh, for selecting these pieces.

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4 thoughts on “Two Poems in Voices

  1. Thank you Robert Okaji for sharing your poems and the Journal of Emotion and Motion. Uncertain whether your love moves outward or inward due to excitation or stimulation; it sucks dry, like a sponge, or a cracked gutter. Love was defined as “pleasurable pressure”, conditional on paying back or return in kind. Is there an “unconditional” version, with exception of maternal love? I need time to ponder over this.

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