Will viewpoint shift with my spine’s slow
compression, or will this

window admit only true images
in the shortened days to come?

I pencil phrases on bone-shaped kites
and release them to the afternoon.

Call them prayers, name them moans.
Each string is a regret freed, a separate

skeleton, let go. My two selves shudder
in the attempt. I await the perfect breeze.


“Kites” first appeared here in July 2016.

9 thoughts on “Kites

  1. For the day before Spring, kites! Thank you for the mental surge, though it’s been years since I literally flew a kite. And great resonance with current world affairs in sending up prayers/moans – multiples – each “a regret freed, a separate / skeleton, let go”

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  2. Kites are a definitely soul soothing …
    “My Kite And Bike”
    Here I am in this ancient town
    Climbing the local Snowy Mountains
    Standing in the world’s greenest paddock
    Flying my yellow and blue kite
    On the thinnest of worn threads
    My kite is soaring higher and higher

    Toward the bold clouds, thick and soft
    Where pristine snowflakes abound
    All bright and shiny white
    Smooth enough to ride my silver bike on
    Peddle my way over today’s slippery black-ice
    And splash through the heights of tomorrow

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