The Fullness That Precedes



The Fullness That Precedes

it is not
the moon but
rain that attracts

me to this
place no faint
light no shadow

but the fullness
that precedes its
history that of

magic from nothing
to nothing by
which one may

discern perfection a
cloud the solitary
note of distraction




Written in the 80s, “The Fullness That Precedes” first appeared here in May 2015.

5 thoughts on “The Fullness That Precedes

  1. I definitely get a “fullness” when rain approaches – part carry-over from growing up in the West Texas desert where it rained maybe twice a year – and in recent years a response to sense of deprival due to drought in Central Texas. As child and now as mature adult – coming rain fills me with excitement: stop everything else and go onto the porch to CELEBRATE!

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