3 Poems in Boston Review’s National Poetry Month (2014)

I am delighted that three of my poems are included in Boston Review’s National Poetry Month Celebration:


This calls for a toast:

DCF 1.0

No, no, not that. This:



64 thoughts on “3 Poems in Boston Review’s National Poetry Month (2014)

  1. Thanks for the laugh, corny humour is good sometimes, and I love a good visual pun. Congratulations on your poems being accepted, that’s a thrill. Publication is vindication! Enjoy your success. Thanks for swinging by my humble blog. πŸ™‚


  2. Is there rain in the frying pan when pain sizzles there and the rain on the pane leaks inward; well perhaps a little vinegar will remove the scorch, but it all does seem like a sour thing. Although tomorrow the sun will speak in a language of light and banish the clouds. So they say in the weather report and I want to believe it. Sunshine.


  3. Hi – Thanks for visiting and liking my poem. And congratulations on this significant honour! All the best on your journey…


  4. That is so amazing, I cannot wait to be able to share something like that with the world, must be a really good feeling!


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