Cedar Grove (after Wang Wei)


Cedar Grove (after Wang Wei)

I sit alone among the cedars,
play my guitar and hum.
In this dark forest
no eye spies me but the moon’s.

My take on Wang Wei’s “Bamboo Grove.”

I worked from this transliteration copied somewhere along the way:

alone sit dark bamboo among
strum lute again long whistle
deep forest man not know
bright moon come mutual shine

I hope it works.


50 thoughts on “Cedar Grove (after Wang Wei)

  1. Robert, it’s so instructive to see your “source document” and the lovely poem you have created from it ! Your hope was realized…it DOES work! Magically!



  2. I like poetry too. Thanks for viewing my page. I am learning the ropes here…slowly. Congratulations on your success in blogging!


  3. It definitely works. I love the image of the moon’s eye. Somehow that eye seems to overlook most of my creativity – perhaps it is the soft forgiveness of dim light.
    Thanks for liking my sleep-deprived post on Faith Family and Focaccia. I’m grateful for the introduction.


  4. Lovely! Reminds us how sparse is often the more evocative; poetry after all is an intense take on the minutiae of experience 🙂


  5. Super interesting to see your source material and how you’ve recreated the poem so it’s right for you (cedar instead of bamboo, guitar instead of lute…). I love the tightness of the poem and the ‘no eye spies me but…’


    • When I was younger I tended to write from outside my experience. Bamboo appeared in a number of my poems, while cedar did not. I’ve come to respect my surroundings more and more over the years, and my world, my habitat, slips into the writing.


  6. Thanks Robert. Lovely photos. Still trying to get around the poems in my head. As a child I use to lie in the middle of a bamboo circle and watch the snakes moving among the leaves up above.


  7. Yes, indeed, it works and it has been so long since I spent time with Wang Wei that it was wonderful to find your blog. thank you as well for stopping by Gifts in Open Hands.


  8. Hi Robert. Nice to see you visited and liked my blog again. I’d like to invite you to submit a dim sum or two or three. I think this genre might suit your “few words with much thought” style. I hope in the future to do an anthology of my favorites–with proper attribution and permission. In the meantime I’d love to see your contribution to this new form. See my blog under “dim sum” to see the form. Judy


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