Jackboy’s Pride


Abused, abandoned and left to die of thirst or predation more than a dozen years ago on a largely uninhabited county road terminating at our rural property’s entrance, Jackboy brought much laughter and comfort to our household. Tireless shadow, friend, writing partner, loyal companion and protector, he was, and will remain forever, a good boy – in his estimation, the highest possible praise. It has been two days. We miss him.

Jackboy’s Pride

Through patience,
recognition eases in: the patterns

of repetition and praise
and joy in task. The orange ball. A scorpion’s

tail. How we delight in sharing each
victory. And with the breeze

runs other unspoken tales – a neighbor’s
cruelty, bones, the pregnant raccoon

lumbering through the cedars. But nothing
deters the jump and the following drop.

He nips heels where none exist. We follow.


129 thoughts on “Jackboy’s Pride

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I feel for you. I’m so sorry. The pain and sorrow is so intense. I’m just so sorry. What a beautiful soul. How lucky you both were. I’m sorry.


  2. So sorry for your loss. The love dogs can give is unconditional (as long as we feed them) and they enrich our lives beyond measure. Like all great loss you will take a long time to settle and for the pain to lessen. I wish you well on your grief-journey.


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