Another Poem in the Silver Birch Press Self-Portrait Series


I am thrilled that Silver Birch Press is featuring another of my poems in their Self-Portrait Series:

I think this calls for a small snack…

Blue Plate

31 thoughts on “Another Poem in the Silver Birch Press Self-Portrait Series

  1. Great poem, R. I’d quote a favorite line, but each self-contained stanza is its own meditative favorite when i’m reading it. Did you ever read Alexander Theroux’s essays on the primary and secondary colors? The physics of color, the history of coloring media, the language of color, presence and absence–it’s all there in this poem of yours. One of my favorites of yours.


    • Thanks, Jeff. So now you’re making me read yet another work? Ha! I haven’t read Theroux’s essays, but will do so. I’ve read bits and pieces, here and there, on color, but haven’t fully dived in. That may come. Fascinating subject!


  2. Although I can’t help but think of Williams and Picasso and Miles Davis whenever I ponder blue, your “self-portrait” is an essence unto itself. It’s fascinating how you would identify with the “median” of the spectrum (I find that I’ve phased in and out of different colors, including blue, in the innocuous question of “what’s your favorite color?”). I notice that I’m in all blue as I type this, save for the black-white hat and white socks. (Then again, I think Flannery O’Connor said something like, when asked about the underlying symbolism of the black hat in one of her characters — perhaps in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” — ‘sometimes a black hat is just a black hat’). I am in love with “flatted notes and blurred 7ths” and the ultimate line, “Look to me and absorb, and absorbing, perceive.” I feel I’ve undergone a cultural anthropological lesson-journey and arrived at wisdom. Perhaps I even know you better as a person, rather than a person-on-a-page, Robert. Thank you for sharing this interior look; I applaud your bravery in doing so! (And congratulations on yet another publication credit!)


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