Poem in Extract(s)


“Ashes” appeared in Extract(s) in March of 2013, months before I ever considered blogging. It marked my return to publication, after a decade’s absence:


The poem is also available in the print anthology, Extract(s) Volume 2:



28 thoughts on “Poem in Extract(s)

  1. The word I would apply is “way cool.” Well, I guess you could hyphenate it. There is a playfulness with language that doesn’t escape the sometimes drastic accidents of play, and therein lies the way cool stuff. Thanks Robert!


  2. What a moving evocation of a beloved spirit, and the final line is so powerful. I too (most probably not having been able to taste the air in all the places I’ve imagined) would wish this.


  3. Lovely, very precise and poignant. To me, for all it’s sweetness too that I’m not intending to underestimate, it speaks too of the cruelty of time, and the present-ness – for better and worse – of nostagia and memory. Superb.


  4. Great poem, loved the images of playing Sakura. Made me think of death as the return to childhood. When my grandmother died my mum spoke German to her which was her mother tongue. It seemed the obvious thing to do. Made me think of that. Thanks for liking my post, it is very flattering seeing as you are an excellent writer.


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