Greeting the Moon (after Li Po)


As always, I approach these adaptations slowly. This may need a few tweaks, but it’s close.

Greeting the Moon (after Li Po)

Wine conceals the night’s approach,
while blossoms blanket my clothing.
Drunk, I stumble to the stream and greet the moon,
thinking of birds, so distant, and people, so few.

The transliteration on reads:

Amusing Myself

Face wine not aware get dark
Fall flower fill my clothes
Drunk stand step stream moon
Bird far person also few


47 thoughts on “Greeting the Moon (after Li Po)

  1. Li Po loved to drink with the moon. Your rendition is so evocative of nature, and peace, and being OK with how things are when one is wrapped up in the close and holy, yet utterly alone. Thank you for this beautiful start to the day.


  2. Robert, I am privileged to see you seem to be a regular visitor to my blArt. Thanks for your interest. I don’t look at many blogs but i find yours rewarding. Also, how do you get so many to comment. My blArt is well frequented but never commented on. Namaste


      • tanks a lot Robert. I bin so bizzy attending to my blog and doing some books for a bookart fair that i omit seeing others’ blogs. Now the fair has arrived and will be over by Monday I shall trawl the sites i find interesting, like yourn. Namaste


  3. UM the Chinese translation is not half as good as your “After” interpretation. Why? Because those clods at the Chinese Transliteration crew just stuck the translated words on a page, and WOW forgot they were supposed to make something POETIC out of Li Bei Dao for us clods who haven’t figured out Chinese yet.


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