Light and Dark and Light Again (crawlspace)


Light and Dark and Light Again (crawlspace)

Not hopeless, but without hope. If I could
capture my shadow, would I
imprison it in a cell of light

or release it to roam free among the dense cedars,
knowing always that I might betray myself again?
And other repetitions. Doorways beyond other

doorways leading to more openings, like
mouths releasing words in the random
silence, awaiting their return.

What lives under the house but another
darkness, another tale of contrast

and spent energies? Answers move swiftly
from point to point, refusing to be
pinned down. The questions remain.


44 thoughts on “Light and Dark and Light Again (crawlspace)

  1. If I could write just O-N-E poem this good, I would gladly surrender my “International Haiku Union” card. Well, I would! (Don’t Google it…it doesn’t exist!) 🙂 Superb!


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  2. Such a beautiful poem, but the photo at the end may me smile. The contrast of light and dark and different worlds, and there is the contrast again on his little bandit mask against his white cheeks. Both gorgeous and hilarious.

    Thank you for visiting my site, and for sharing your work with me.

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  3. Great poem as always Robert. Also thanks for putting in the blog roll “how a poem happens” quite interesting how this ex soldier explains his writing process. Had to save it to the computer to later read it with more time.

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