Osso Buco


Osso Buco

The reconciled, the residue of one’s
virtues displayed or absorbed

that within become the basis for
talk: furtive movements, the knife’s

gentle persuasion, wine
afforded the quality of enhancement.

We must preserve the truth, and other
disingenuous phrases, as if we may

admit our tastes only at great cost
to our politics and sense of being.

And fruitful loss – the reduction
sauce, or stock evaporated – which

attaches in dissipation
the grace of subtlety. To be more

with less. To be apparent yet
concealed. To be, in turn, aware.


21 thoughts on “Osso Buco

  1. Poetry as puzzle! I’ll solve it, Bob, and have a great time doing it! Blindfolded! While solving my Rubik’s Cube! But first I have to eat a chicken pot pie to get the taste of that osso buco outta my mouth. Yukko! 🙂


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    • You’re welcome, Bob! By the way, did you know that Arkansas has an inscription on its license plates that reads “The Natural State”? Just thought you ought to know. Of course, the bodily fluids of a Diamond Back Rattlesnake are also natural, but I don’t see that as a particularly endearing charm. Still, those hillbillies keep putting that “natural” brag on their license plates! Go figure!


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