Recording of My June 4th Reading with Chip Dameron


I felt like this before the reading, but loosened up a bit and enjoyed it. I read ten poems, five from my chapbook, If Your Matter Could Reform, three unpublished pieces, and two that have appeared or are about to appear in publications.

The recording may be found on the Malvern Books YouTube Channel:

And please take the time to view Chip Dameron’s reading. He’s a fine poet, very engaging.

31 thoughts on “Recording of My June 4th Reading with Chip Dameron

  1. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for sharing this. It was great to see you read your poems, and more importantly to catch a glimpse of the wonderful man behind them! I’m encouraged by your own ability to plow through the fear and hesitancy and turn things over fully to the desire to share…


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  2. CJ said the reading was great! I couldn’t hear either Chip or you because of my hearing. Maybe someday I’ll get hearing aids, but vanity being what it is, I doubt it. I can’t even hear it on the YouTube presentation. Still, we had a fantastic time watching you strut your stuff only a few feet away. But do you always sweat that much?!! *hehe* Just kidding!


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  3. You did great Robert! I loved hearing you reading your work. You have a nice soft and soothing voice. I also enjoyed Chip’s reading 🙂


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