Day Three, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project


My poem “Calvin Coolidge – Live or Memorex?” has now been posted among the third day’s offerings of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (8 poets have agreed to write 30 poems apiece in 30 days, to raise funds for Tupelo Press, a non-profit literary publisher). Many thanks to my good friend Ron Evans, for sponsoring and providing the worst title in the history of the 30/30 project.

Calvin Coolidge — Live or Memorex?

They say the wind in Alvarado bypasses closed doors, slips through
book-laden walls and plate glass and into your dreams where it circles
and accumulates, whirling, whirling, steadily gaining force…

To see the rest of the poem, click here

As of this posting, I’ve no sponsor for tomorrow’s poem, and, alas, no one else to blame for its possible unworthiness. But if you’d like to compete with Ron for worst title ever (or if you simply wish to be kind) please visit the 30/30 blog at: Donate to Tupelo. Scroll down to “Is this donation in honor of a 30/30 poet?” and select my name, “Robert Okaji,” from the pull down so that Tupelo knows to credit the donation to me. And please let me know as soon as possible what your title is.

For information on sponsorships (and other incentives), click here.

Thank you for your support! Only 27 poems to go!

7 thoughts on “Day Three, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project

  1. Hi Robert, just read Calvin Coolidge — Live or Memorex? Opens like the intro to a novel- poetry in prose, always music to my ears! Are you an author as well? Great work considering the challenge. Best wishes and thanks for stopping by.

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    • Thank you. I dabble in prose, but consider myself a poet. This was a very loose attempt at a haibun, a Japanese form that incorporates prose with haiku. I had much fun with it, thanks to Ron’s sense of humor.

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  2. Hi Robert, I don’t know if you are interested (and no worries if you are not) but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award in my most recent post.
    I also visited the Tupelo site but my donation would not go through for some reason. I’ll have to try again later. I wanted you to write the worst poem ever with the name “Your Armpits Smell Like Heaven” in honor of one daughter who used to publicly proclaim that about MY armpits in public settings. She liked my deodorant. Ah, young children….


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