Day Two, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project


My poem, “Stuck” has now been posted among the second day’s offerings of Tupelo Press 30/30 poems. Many thanks to Curtis Bausse who sponsored the poem and provided the title. Here’s the result:


As in yesterday’s light
pressed in a wildflower

or its silhouette
embroidered in cotton…

To see the rest of the poem, click here

Tomorrow’s poem will be titled “Calvin Coolidge: Live or Memorex,” thanks to my good friend Ron Evans of Alvarado, Texas who donated $10 for the right to challenge me with a title to an unwritten poem. With friends like Ron… 🙂

If you’d like to compete with Ron for worst title in the distinguished history of the 30/30 Project, please visit the 30/30 blog at: Donate to Tupelo. Scroll down to “Is this donation in honor of a 30/30 poet?” and select my name, “Robert Okaji,” from the pull down so that Tupelo knows to credit the donation to me. And please let me know as soon as possible what your title is.

For complete details on sponsorships, click here.

Thank you for your support! Only 28 poems to go!

4 thoughts on “Day Two, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project

  1. You’re off to a wonderful start, Bob! One of my favorite lines from “Stuck,” your Day Two offering: “…unable, as always, to remove myself before it’s too late.” You must tell us how you are fortifying yourself for the rigors ahead…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Cate! I’ve truly enjoyed writing poems to the sponsored titles, and hope that a few others are sponsored this month – those particular poems would not otherwise have been written, and having something to prod me on, no matter how odd (I’m thinking of you, Obi-Ron Evans), motivates me. As for fortification, coffee in the mornings, and a good beer (a reward, of course) in the evening. 🙂

      But mostly, I’m having fun.


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