Day Twenty-three, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project


With one week left in this poetry marathon, no title sponsorships remain! Thank you for supporting Tupelo Press, poetry and me. The provided titles have been invaluable – I’ve not had to worry about what to write. If by some chance a few additional title sponsorship donations slip into the stream, I’ll continue the challenge and post the results on this blog until they are exhausted. This is neither  request nor challenge; I’m satisfied with producing a poem for thirty consecutive days, and really don’t need to continue beyond that. 🙂

I hope that the donated titles and my responses to them have been entertaining, but other sponsorship opportunities abound. For information on these and their corresponding incentives, click here.

If you’re so inclined, please visit the 30/30 blog at: Donate to Tupelo. Scroll down to “Is this donation in honor of a 30/30 poet?” and select my name, “Robert Okaji,” from the pull down so that Tupelo knows to credit the donation to me. And please let me know so that I may send a thank you and incentive gift your way.

Ode to Being Placed on Hold” is among the Day Twenty-three offerings of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (9 poets have agreed to write 30 poems apiece in 30 days, to raise funds for Tupelo Press, a non-profit literary publisher). Many thanks to Mary “marso” of the blog “marsowords” who sponsored and provided the title.

Ode to Being Placed on Hold

The music rarely
but I find
peace between…

To see the rest of the poem, click here

Tomorrow’s poem is titled “Katharsis,” thanks to the repeated kindness and generosity of Plain Jane (yes, she of the famous armpits).

Thank you for your support! Only 7 poems to go!

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