Tremor and 

beset upon the calm.

Now water
lines the road’s

bed, and we see
no means to pass.

Even so
you break what falls.

This first appeared in Ijagun Poetry Journal in December 2013, and is also included in my micro-chapbook, You Break What Falls, available (free of charge) for download from the Origami Poems Project:


21 thoughts on “Earth

  1. quality over quantity. reading your poetry always reminds me of very basic things that i may have or have not forgotten. it’s always a fresh change of air. speaking of which, i haven’t commented on your posts for a while ah. this was a relaxing, brief but meaningful read.

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  2. I love that there are as many ways to look at the conclusive lines here–“Even so/
    you break what falls” (great enjambment, as always)–as there are of looking at a blackbird. And maybe more than a mere 13. The fourth stanza, vowel-laden in its music, is also a favorite. Lovely short poem, Bob; I’ll have to be sure to get my freebie with it included.

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