How they share our
desires, shape
our days.

Passion to hope,
fingertips to
lips. Some bud

easily, others
struggle. A little
water, light, a kind

voice. Sometimes so
little achieves
so much. Yesterday’s

sunflower droops on
the sill. Today’s promise
arrives with rain.


64 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I walked by sunflowers this morning, a bright sun shining down. They were so brilliant, with no dark center, just glorious yellow. Your poem puts to words what my experience was an hour or so ago in Sapporo. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. Quite interesting and insightful. I love your phrase, “Today’s promise arrives with rain.” That simple statement has so many meanings buried within it I am still thinking of more. Just wish South Carolina wasn’t getting so many promises! 🙂

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