Morning Covers You

eye camera

Morning Covers You


We extract
light, bleeding
it out one

hole after

Finger the results.
in form

or placement
to best

At night
loneliness cradles
our bones.


You arrange our bodies to greater effect,
presuming lesser horrors
to be less.

A list emerges.
Refuting one,
accepting another.

Choices fixed.
Ecstasies of failure

Morning covers you
like a blue
shroud, so pale.

So cold
and bitter.

This originally appeared in Boston Poetry Magazine in April, 2014.

diamond fence

23 thoughts on “Morning Covers You

  1. Oh my goodness, Robert. It’s difficult to “like” this. It’s so painful, so filled with … Can’t find the word, it’s not “angst”–it’s more specific than that. But the poem is beautifully written. And your photo is especially creepy.

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  2. Weep not for the rivers you live through
    For with all sun there must be nourishing rain
    Weep not that snow will freeze you
    Because it reminds you the beauty of pain
    Love is a perilous thing too
    And it burns right through your heart
    But weep not for the rivers you live through
    Because it waters the flowers
    And lights up the stars
    A spark! A spark!
    Is what I see
    Amidst! The dark!
    Like you wouldn’t believe
    So come! Hail! Hark!
    And join with me
    In a quest for rivers to seek


  3. I definitely felt the ‘mourning’ and aubaude/morning aspects with the poem, and your comment about Brady’s photos seals that. I also can’t help but see Picasso-Blue period-Stevens-Man with the Blue Guitar. It’s very unsettling and until I read your note, I presumed some creator or ruler was arranging the bodies, not something Brady had done to stage a shot. This is even more sublimed and melancholic knowing the impetus/background; as if a ghost is addressing Brady in the lines of this poem. Wow. Shivers, what a fantastic disquiet you’ve created, my friend.

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