A Poem in Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 11


Many thanks to Shinjini Bhattacharjee for including one of my poems, with an audio recording, in Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 11, alongside work by Nancy Bevilaqua, Kenzie Allen, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, and others. This is a lovely, well curated publication, and I’m excited to have work in it.



22 thoughts on “A Poem in Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 11

  1. Hermenuetic Chaos what an amazing and thought-provoking name for a publication.

    Your work in it is lovely. Definitely tallies as one of my favorites. Your poems have such a smooth finish to their tone. I feel the recitation in the voice of one of my favorite Blues singers. And again you’ve woven in words lesser poets tend to avoid like mathematics, phalanges, and mendicants.
    This poem shows snapshots in black and white and sepia – how do you trick my mind like that? Using only written words you made me hear a voice and see the color of the old memories.
    You have magic.

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