The Ecstatics


The Ecstatics

Divisions and separations, a summing of consequences,
the brother whose ashes remained forever lost. Two cities
and their survivors’ shame. The loud, kind young man
whose words fell to the restaurant’s floor, unbidden.
What came next in the drift, untoward and misspent,
in the grammar of between? Darkness, suppressed.
Smoke. Pleasure and fear, unclothed.

sorrow bw

22 thoughts on “The Ecstatics

  1. I don’t get it but it is pretty. I visited Hiroshima. Super friendly people, great food – even at the Shinkansen station, but you could feel a spiritual cloud over the city, an unnamed darkness from the past that we all know. It may seem like such things are not possible, but I honestly and completely could really feel that the city had an energy that spoke to one’s unconscious. I swear I could feel the spiritual remains of a great pain. It was in the trees and water and air and sky and sounds. Honestly? It felt like the local Shinto gods still to this day sit in stunned silence at the great horror visited upon them and the people.

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      • I have been to two places that had this strange intangible “tangibility.” Hiroshima and Ramallah, Palestine. Hiroshima has a pain quality, while Ramallah has a invisible remnant of evil hovering over it that feels like tension and sweat. like the city’s spiritual essence has had a centuries long panic attack and you can almost smell the post-adrenal sweat/misery. I don’t know how those poor people can live there without becoming ill from the constant necrosis of the soul that city seems to engender.

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  2. So beautiful and sad and absolutely necessary. This resonance with the landscape of destruction and the physicality of the human soul, giving voice to pain and suffering. Your words help the wound heal. Very necessary: expression. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Also, something completely off topic: love your recordings and thank you for posting the video of your reading, you have such a wonderful presence.

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