That it shudders through
and presages an untimely end,

that it transforms the night’s
body and leaves us

breathless and wanting,
petals strewn about,

messenger and message in one,
corporeal hosts entwined,

that it moves, that it blends,
that it withdraws and returns without

remorse, without forethought, that it
increases, expands, subtracts,

renders, imposes and releases
in one quick breath, saying

I cannot feel but I touch,
I cannot feel

“Wind” first appeared in Blue Hour Magazine and is included in my chapbook, If Your Matter Could Reform.


68 thoughts on “Wind

  1. Thank you for reading from my blog. I am drawn to the notion of wind that bends. It does, and that’s a creative way to describe the movement. And the emphases at the end about the wind: it touches but does not feel.

    This is an impressive, poetic study. Thank you!

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  2. This is fantastic. If this is a prelude to what I am yet to read from following you then I am very excited. Thank you for liking my post “Time…” to allow me to find your page.

    You can find me on social media, kjwmc7 for both Twitter and Instagram.

    Thank you again for liking my post & I hope you like many more and even follow if you enjoyed.

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  3. This made me think of that story by Ray Bradbury “The Wind”. I got a sense of foreboding from this poem, which as a ghost story fancier I enjoyed. Your diversity is amazing.

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  4. Hello,
    Thank you for enjoying my I’m Afraid My Book Won’t Sell blog. We all have doubts about our work especially as writers. But we’ll never get anything published if we don’t start writing. Some of us are so painfully shy that they have to force themselves out. There are more people with all kinds of problems in this country in particular. Nevertheless, I’d like to know how the tree from you Wind blog was carved. Thank you again.

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  5. Nice poem, Robert. I’m drawn to your photos: the beautiful trees, and the kbotted tree. I think I recall reading a poem or story about a knotted tree in my youth. I guess it’s a memory lodged in my forgetfulness…

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  6. Ah, wind.
    “messenger and message in one,
    corporeal hosts entwined”
    Lovely. Simply lovely. I myself have a tumultuous relationship with both wind and water. Possibly because I am a Fire Horse. Who knows?
    I agree with those above. The photos are indeed a perfect touch. I admire your style. This is a beautifully crafted work of art. peace

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