Video of April 15th Reading

Tupelo Press Reading

Left to right: Christine Beck, Katy Chrisler, Robert Okaji, D.G. Geis, Pamela Paek, Ronnie K. Stephens, d. ellis phelps

I was so pleased to read with this group of incredible poets, and to meet in person Kirsten Miles, the Tupelo Press National Director for the 30-30 Project. She is an insightful, multi-talented and absolutely delightful person. I wish we’d had more time to chat. My portion starts about four minutes in, but please take the time to hear Kirsten’s introduction. There are six other videos (poets have their own videos), and I urge you to watchย them all.

Tupelo Press 30/30 Reading, Austin

Thank you to the staff at Malvern Books, and to Jeff, Cate and Plain Jane for sponsoring these poems last August.

For more information on the Tupelo Press 30-30 Project, go toย the 30/30 site, or feel free to contact me for a participant’s viewpoint.



33 thoughts on “Video of April 15th Reading

  1. I’m quite keen on checking this out…and I wonder if I shouldn’t send three poems to Ms. Miles and see if that leads to a spot on the 30/30 Challenge. I’m not sure I could get many sponsors, though…I don’t let my parents read my work, and my wife usually scratches her head at my poems and says something like , “Well, then.” I’m kind of a hermit when it comes to writing, except for blogs.

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  2. Such an inviting video! I really appreciated Kirsten Miles mentioning the magic of live interaction and hearing not overly edited poetry. I loved your phrase: “How to release what you no longer hold” . . . and Latitude speaks so well to the joys of everyday cooperation and interplay; you had me truly smiling at the end — and I don’t even like eggs. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. thanks for the link – great to hear your work read aloud – there’s a rhythm, an emphasis that only you would know.
    I used to think there would be a confidence that comes from being familiar with your own words – but I’ve only ever read mine to one or two friends and I was nervous as anything … you didn’t look nervous at all ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Robert, I just sat down and listened to your segment of the reading. I have the biggest grin on my face. It was great to *kind of* meet you, it was great to hear you read, it was great to hear you read Armpits, and I am somehow also encouraged to know you are also an introverted tinkerer.

    Will you do the challenge again? If so, when? And will you announce it on the blog? (You may have and I might just be behind.)

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    • I’m so pleased you watched the video! Thank you. Yes, I’m thinking about doing the challenge again in August. I’ve not committed yet, but am leaning that way. I’ll definitely announce it, as title sponsorships will of course be a fundraising incentive again. How could it not be?

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  5. Such a nice reading! I hadn’t read The Scarecrow before, and I could see him observing and thinking. It encourages me to do a bird-related poem that is developing in my imagination.

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