End of the Road



End of the Road (2002)

Neither expected nor sought, truth arrives.
One phrase, a minute turn of the

wrist, and the beginning reverses itself, becomes
vessel versus point, illuminating

the reach: one sign, two paths. The agave.
How far we’ve come to affect this place.

Last season the flowers were gray and we knew nothing.
Even the stones quivered with laughter.

And then it rained. And the creeks rose, and the bedrock
appeared as if to say your efforts lack

substance. Look underfoot. There lies the truth.
Neither expected nor sought, it arrives.



29 thoughts on “End of the Road

  1. “How far we’ve come to affect this place” — You’ve put into words what haunts me as I think about relocating to the high desert. I know what I’m getting into, but the stones know MUCH more.

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    • We bought our little rural property in late 2001, and while we were as prepared as we could be from READING, the LIVING reality was of course quite different. Knowing that we would be faced with interesting difficulties was one thing, but actually dealing with them was another. Facing one’s age and physical limitations can be illuminating. Not a bad thing to experience, and often enjoyable. But the stones. Oh, the stones!

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