Nightmare Charm


Nightmare Charm

To awaken     undisturbed

or at all

I unclench my fist
freeing darkness.

How to transcribe the dead’s tune?

They float

within     they      float

fear’s cascading grip      transcending sleep


34 thoughts on “Nightmare Charm

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    • Thanks, Leigh. I’ve written about a half-dozen of these “charm” poems, in which the poems themselves serve as “charms” for or against events, feelings, emotions. This is the first to see the light of day.

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  2. i have a recurring dream that someone i know drives me somewhere & leaves me there. “there” is absolutely pitch black, a sort of void where you are disorientated by the amount of darkness, like i think St John describes the dark in Revelations, as one you can feel. i usually wake up & i am unaware because the darkness & disorientation of the dream leaks into a waking stupor. it usually takes a few minutes of fumbling around till i recognize something & realise i am in my bed. it happened once while i was in Germany in someones house & i nearly pulled the curtains in their living room down. i say all this as i don’t know if i did “unclench my fist” it would release enough dark. thought you’d appreciate a story, as plenty of other people can praise your talent for me, you know how much i admire your work already.

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  3. Hauntingly real, Bob, the kind of poem that lingers and awakens memories. Having worked as a hospital orderly as a college student, I’ve taken a number of patients that I knew to the morgue to deposit what remains of them. I was with my mother when she was dying, a very touching memory that your poem reawakens. Thank you for writing and sharing this poem

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  4. Nightmares–oh-too-frequent, which is why I avoid “bedtime” till I’m falling asleep on the couch 🙂 I was interested to read you have the “school” ones…I used to have those too, but not so much now; still have some “job” ones–where I’m on the bus to my office in my nightgown… 🙂


  5. Wow, powerful. I, too, have felt so. If you are interested in a wonderful book on analyzing your personal dream symbology, I would recommend Robert A. Johnson’s “Inner Work” — Jungian based, incredibly useful. It has shed incredible light on the symbols in my dream and their meanings. 🙂

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    • Hmm. Just noticed that my reply hadn’t posted. The form for this one, and the others in the series, is rather open and supports, I hope, that feeling of betweenness perhaps off-balance.


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