Poem Featured on Imperfect Life




My poem “If We Burn,” which has appeared on the blog twice, is featured on Imperfect Life, an Australian online magazine. It is, sadly, topical.


48 thoughts on “Poem Featured on Imperfect Life

  1. Congratulations once again, friend. One of my favorites of yours, Bob. “Are words ever enough?” indeed. Alas, they cannot replace, supplant, or reanimate any innocent lives lost.
    On a lighter note, you should add to your author bio that you clearly live with some guitars (mandolins? lutes? banjos? ukeleles?), too. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Leigh. This one saddens me. I wish it held no relevance.

      Yes, guitars and mandolins, though I haven’t touched the mandolin in quite a while. The guitar in that photo is one I bought in Naples, Italy in 1976. It’s a little worn, but then so am I. 🙂

      I once broached the possibility of learning the banjo, but The Lovely Wife said “If you get a banjo, I have one word for you: divorce.” So, no banjo. But I have been thinking about picking up a banjitar (guitar neck, banjo body). 🙂


    • Some I send out, others are requested. I generally don’t submit those that I post first on the blog, as many publishers frown upon that. So I juggle a bit – which poems to post, which to submit to publications. This one was requested.

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  2. WordPress is acting up for me. For some reason I can’t like posts. And it doesn’t know who I am when I comment, even if I’m logged into my account. I’m in WordPress limbo!!! I’ll go take a look at your poem now. Am heading off to a week-long writing workshop. I’ve been scarce while getting ready for it. Perhaps that’s why WordPress is punishing me…..

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  3. Thank you Robert for reading my posts and liking. I finally figured out where to post a comment! I’m grateful for the feedback you and others give. I enjoy your poetic perspective, as well.

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