Hummingbird (3)


Hummingbird (3)

Arriving from nowhere,
its mouth opens

but what escapes
comes not from within

and is never complete.
Words, too, falter

in this space,
struggling to remain

aloft, challenged yet free,
an exchange

between air and wing,
of sound and thought,

occurring as it must
without design

or desire, simply
there, then gone,

a presence one notices
in its absence.

* * *

“Hummingbird (3) made its first appearance  on the blog in December 2014.


29 thoughts on “Hummingbird (3)

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  3. Lovely. Brings to mind a number of fragmented conversations from the past. Too brief, too awkward, with “words struggling to stay aloft”. I think we’ve all had those.

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