Poem on Split This Rock’s Blog


My poem “In Response to Nadia’s Misdirected Email, I State Exactly What I’m Looking For” is up on Split This Rock’s Virtual Open Mic for Poems that Speak Against Violence and for Embrace

I posted the poem here a couple of weeks ago, but sent it on, with a few minor changes, to the Virtual Open Mic when I read their call for submissions.


23 thoughts on “Poem on Split This Rock’s Blog

  1. I see the other comments focus on the hope that this poem inspires, and I am moved to do the same. Its hope is a stark, triumphant mobilization of love in response to hate and violence. These sentiments inhabit that rare space of purity where meanings do their intentions justice, and where neither can be corrupted by external influences.

    So, yeah, I could go on… but what I’d really like to do now is rein myself in somehow (no small feat!), and just say

    Thank You! 🌷❤

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  2. Hi! How are you? I follow your blog because it is very interesting and inspiring. I really love it. How’s your day going? I hope we could be friends. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog post. Have a good day ahead!

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