I Look for You with Satellite View


I Look for You with Satellite View

But binoculars are my oldest friend.
Watching you flash between leaf and branch, stone
and sky, I remember, as the black groans
in, obliterating light at the end

of the day’s voice, that everyone descends,
our debts counted, stacked and restacked, the loans
unpaid and endless, like breath or the moans
of autumn’s bed spiraling back. Light sends

you elsewhere – the silver-tipped moon leaf, a
wisp of fog tracing your leg’s passage in
the sand. That empty bottle. You could be

there, above ground, or scattered where I lay,
an orbiting eye forever open,
looking, searching always, trying to see.

This is the 31st poem written for the August 2016 Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge. Many thanks to Ken Gierke for sponsoring and providing the title.

47 thoughts on “I Look for You with Satellite View

  1. Excellent! I’d like to think of the unpaid loans as those times when line of sight is not an option, and we have to rely on the image we hold in the mind’s eye.
    Thank you for your month-long marathon and for reminding us, once again, about the 30/30 Project, which, of course, is ongoing.


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  2. Wonderful! And congrats – it has been so rewarding and amazing to read the month long contributions, of you and others! Outstanding how so many came together and contributed, and how you have pulled out such an incredible diversity of poems!

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  3. Again, as my son’s band teacher often said, “I want you kids to exceed your potential!”

    Well…you did!

    From the very first line where I am reminded that binoculars have been a “friend” of mine — cheap, plastic, and with a miserable image even their five-year old user knew was pathetic.

    And then to the nearly equally “groaner” Cub Scout binoculars. Yuk!

    But then…a succession of truly good/great/incredible binoculars from 6×15, 7×35 7×50, 10×50 to my “Monster” 11×80 binoculars.

    Yes, binoculars were, and continue to be, my oldest friend.

    And it took a truly superb sonnet to draw forth this huge comment from me…cause I durn shore usually don’t care for that there sonnet c******a!

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  4. Bam!

    Not many satellites can boast such a grounded perspective (nor will they generally so candidly and rightly extol their own voyeuristic nature)! You certainly could have given Petrarch a thing or two to consider…

    I’m awed by all you’ve accomplished this past month, and with such verve, grace, and humility, to boot.

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