If at night I stray in thought,
dreaming of nimble fingers

and my departed dog’s walk,
will you smile

when I scratch his absent ear
and apologize for the times

I failed him? Even combined,
all the words in these unread books

could never soothe the guilt
of leisure and complacency, nor

match the joy of jumping
for the kicked ball, no matter the

outcome, despite the consequences.


39 thoughts on “Arthritis

  1. Very affecting this^^^. I feel like the speaker’s and the dog’s destiny, if you will, are deftly blurred. Those ‘Chicken Soup’ books are looking for dog stories right now, Bob. I wish they’d accept poems, because this and the one about Jackboy (looked it up: Jackboy’s Pride) would be perfect, but they don’t. To my knowledge…
    Anyway, hope you are feeling well (or at least better) this week, arthritis & etc. notwithstanding!

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  2. “…the joy of jumping for the kicked ball” — well, of both the kicking of and the jumping for it — is something at least one arthritic old non-canid I know must also try to negotiate an existence without. Loss, any way you look at it, never gets refilled with something else, but maybe we can keep hoping for some good old-fashioned distractions to carry us along?

    Thanks for the commiseration…

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