In This I Find You Again


In This I Find You Again

If there is truth to be found
let someone find it. The yellow

rose rests in its jar. Day and
night it looks out through the glass

at the world of altered
lines, sensing, perhaps, beauty

through its failure to prevent
fading. Each morning I wake

and think of you. The hibiscus
on our patio readies itself to blossom,

but pauses as if to prolong
the moment, waiting for a reason

to end its denial. Then it unfolds.
You are all I care to find.

* * *
This first appeared in June 2015.


41 thoughts on “In This I Find You Again

  1. As usual, you find an exquisite and poignant way to bring the personal and transcendent together. I especially love how the shift in perspective in the last line feels like a flower suddenly unfolding.

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  3. Hi there. I wanted to thank you for once again sharing such beautiful words, your poetry is a truly serene space to find myself in, and I am very grateful for it. I also wanted to let you know I have chosen you as one of my nominees for the Fearless Blogger Award. As one of the first blogs I ever read when I joined WordPress the year, I wanted to share this award with you too. See attached link for details🙂

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