Just a Little Oddity


This is kind of cool, I think: my words appear on this WordPress landing site.

Scroll down about halfway to “Voices from our community.”

Nothing earth-shattering, and just an excerpt from a blurbΒ that will appear in a week or two, but perhaps it will find a few poetry lovers…

39 thoughts on “Just a Little Oddity

  1. Congratulations, Bob, but would it be terribly mercantilistic (or etiquette-heavy) of me to say that they should have notified you beforehand? I’m not sure what all the fine print says when one agrees to WP’s Terms of Service, but I suspect it says that they can ‘use’ any WordPresser’s content. To me, it’d be like Facebook taking a photo from my personal page (say of a child or something) and using it in an ad. I don’t know. Somewhat mixed feelings here for me, too! :/

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