End of the Road



End of the Road (2002)

Neither expected nor sought, truth arrives.
One phrase, a minute turn of the

wrist, and the beginning reverses itself, becomes
vessel versus point, illuminating

the reach: one sign, two paths. The agave.
How far we’ve come to affect this place.

Last season the flowers were gray and we knew nothing.
Even the stones quivered with laughter.

And then it rained. And the creeks rose, and the bedrock
appeared as if to say your efforts lack

substance. Look underfoot. There lies the truth.
Neither expected nor sought, it arrives.


“End of the Road” first appeared in April 2016.


23 thoughts on “End of the Road

  1. Oh, wow, Robert – this resonates in ways you’d never anticipate. Your first 2 stanzas describe my 2002 experience of learning I was on the “retire now” list at IBM (where I’d been for 33 years!) “One phrase, a minute turn of the / wrist, and the beginning reverses itself, becomes / vessel versus point”. Indeed. Can still see my manager fidgeting with his pen.
    Hindsight? The BEST thing that ever happened to me.
    Thanks – to you and the agave – for clarity.

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  2. Truth arrives uninvited and throws its visibility all across stones valleys and makes life meaningful

    A good thought put as beautifully as one could.

    visit my sight brijkauldiary.com and read my latest poem Good Morning dedicated to my grand children. leave your comment to upsurge my moments

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  3. trudging with forboding, I had to get the to the words – to confirm the tone known…. I sensed I would I would have this click go to seed… I wasn’t disappointed however it touches on the forboding of my current moments….yet laughs at me. heh, the stones laugh at me. with proper physics now…. a picnic or perch is in another moment a tower of adventures or thegreeting of misadventures. all conjur to me, but the tone laughs at me…

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