Destined by Gravity to Fail, We Try

Destined by Gravity to Fail, We Try

Having fallen from the roof not once, but twice,
I verify that it is not the fall but the sudden stop that hurts.

The objectivist sense of the little: the and a, my house in this world.

Galileo postulated that gravity accelerates all falling bodies at the same rate.

While their etymologies differ, failure and fall share commonalities,
though terminal velocity is not one.

The distance between the glimpsed and the demonstrated.

Enthralled in the moment, Icarus drowned.

Rumor has it his plunge was due not to melting wax but to an improper mix
of rectrices and remiges: parental failure.

Thrust and lift. Drag. Resistance.

Acknowledgment of form in reality, in things.

When the produced drag force equals the plummeting object’s weight, the
object will cease to accelerate and will move at a constant speed.

To calculate impact force accurately, include the stopping distance in height.

Followed by long periods of silence.


This first appeared on the blog in December 2015.

31 thoughts on “Destined by Gravity to Fail, We Try

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  2. Beautiful delivery. It reminds of how my own thoughts are at times, when my brain has drowned out the hum of life and cares little if others comprehend the meaning, the purpose of the words my consciousness chose to string together.

    (My partner often asks what’s wrong when she finds me lost in thoughts similar to what you’ve expressed here, as my expression often turns serious. “Nothing,” I usually say, smiling genuinely. “Just musing is all.”)

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