But completion
arrives in the most

limited sense,
outlines enriched and

filled with lush
darkness, the red of

an accumulated passion
for texture, for subtlety in

shade, the tactile being
one facet shared with

odor and the black hand
on the wall, the

staircase spiraling
upward, resultant desire,

body of lust, this wall, our
doing, the gathered home.

black hand

“Painting” first appeared here in December 2015.

22 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Really triggers my imagination … is this painting with oils on canvas? Or much larger brush on room’s wall? That black hand – takes me back to painting my son’s room after he went off to adulthood – trying (failing) to obscure India-ink fingerprints left from his cartoon-drawing frenzies. But the spiral staircase takes me way beyond physical paint in spite of references to texture. Intoxicating poem!

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    • This was written years ago, after my wife and I painted our loft, which we access via a spiral staircase. The black hand was a gift from a friend. But of course the seed of the poem grew into something else. πŸ™‚

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