Recording of My Poem “Mayflies”


“Mayflies” is included in my chapbook, From Every Moment a Second, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. FLP is taking prepublication orders here.

Please note:  prepublication sales determine the print run, which means this stage is crucial in terms of how many copies will be printed and the number of copies I’ll receive as payment. So if you feel inclined to help, and are able, please purchase your copy during this period. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Recording of My Poem “Mayflies”

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    • Mayflies used to annoy me – too often flying into the house, flapping around, dying on countertops. Now I try to escort them outside when possible. And thanks, Charlotte. You’re always so kind!


  2. Living along the Niagara River, some years there would be a brief window of time when swarms of mayflies and/or sandflies would be so thick at dusk that they made a gooey mess on the windshield, their carnal intent undaunted by the wipers smearing them. Your words lend beauty to what had been a most unpleasant experience.

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  3. The photo from the wooden worktop of your indoor guest shows the lower wings – haltomeres – little cannonballs on a 45 degree stalk, counterbalance for flight. And with five, it has a lost leg, and is probably of a kind of ‘Daddy Long Legs’ – Tipulidae – Crane Fly – the section in the Diptera that accommodates what you have. Tipula paludosa is the normal species we have in this group in Ireland, but there are numerous species in North America. The antennae are not very long, and the lack of tails indicate that ‘Mayflies’ are not quite right entomologically speaking. Google image Crane Fly versus Mayfly and one can see the body shape differences.

    Nice poem – and the experiments with readings as sound files are working well – reminds me of

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