Recording of “The Resonance of No”


“The Resonance of No,” was published in December 2016 in Gravel, and is included in my forthcoming chapbook, From Every Moment a Second, available for prepublication order at Finishing Line Press.

Music Credit: Cool Vibes Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

19 thoughts on “Recording of “The Resonance of No”

    • Thank you. I use an external mic to record poems directly onto my mac (using quicktime). Then I convert the audio files to MP3. I’ve begun experimenting with Audacity, to add multiple tracks, hence the music and crows cawing and whatever else pops up. I’m not terribly organized with this – will record one or two poems at a sitting, and then set them aside for later use. I’m just beginning to feel comfortable with the basics of Audacity, so I hope to improve greatly. But time is always a factor.

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  1. I am contemplating whether I prefer music or just your voice in these readings, Bob. It’s great that you’re experimenting. (I gratefully use Kevin MacLeod and Incompetech, too!)

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    • I’m not sure that I have a preference, but it’s fun to play around. It certainly takes less time to merely record a poem. Ken Gierke recommended Incompetech to me, for which I am grateful. It’s a great resource.


  2. Oh, I so liked that, Bob! Perfect lead-in to a poem that has music in it, and the end bit carried the poignancy of your last lines even further.

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  3. Nice blend with the music, Bob.
    I’ve told you how I can identify with this poem. Here’s something off-topic from that… I know someone in Scotland who vlogs by setting his camera behind the sink and talking about what’s on his mind while he washes dishes at a leisurely pace, talking about whatever is on his mind. I never thought I’d watch someone doing dishes for fifteen minutes, but he makes the mundane seem more than incidental. I’ve learned a lot about him, soap bubbles and all.

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