Robert Okaji: Scarecrow Calls Out the Man

A companion piece to this morning’s poem.

Vox Populi

These things I cannot name: that finger of night

between fear and peace, in which darkness both cloaks

and hugs the wide-eyed. A snake, in the open. And that space

behind the watcher? Perhaps it is easier to call it something

else – a gasp, or the immeasurable measure. A presidential

folly. My friends, ever cautious, swoop in and away, taking

with them only those grains they need, unlike you. What use

is a hoarded larder if it rots? How does one come to want

everything and nothing at the same time? A gilded house

spotlights wealth, not right. Is this edifice your legacy,

your monument to self? The heart monitor’s blip paints one

forever, your pursed lips, another. But even the concrete

you cringe behind lacks permanency; regard your hands

and all they can’t stuff into your pockets. Loosen that

coiled tie lest it choke you. Accept what the…

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12 thoughts on “Robert Okaji: Scarecrow Calls Out the Man

  1. I posted this on Vox Populi and also as part of a comment on Daniel Paul Marshall’s latest essay.

    I think this is where we as poets need to direct our blows. Okaji’s latest Scarecrow is an astounding evolution in his writing, to my understanding. Here, a poet who writes personal impressions based on tone and meter suddenly rages against an enemy of the state in one of his most beautiful and thought provoking pieces yet. It is a direction that merits consideration.

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