Deep History & Old Childhood: 3 New Poems at Isacoustic

Follow Tim Miller on three distinctive jaunts at Isacoustic!

Human Pages

Immense thanks to Barton Smock, who just published three of my poems at Isacoustic. You can read them here. They are among my favorites from the past few years, and so it’s wonderful to see them all together; whatever it is I’ve been trying to say with history and mythology, landscape and autobiography, are all there. 

Thanks also and obviously and endlessly to my wife, Jenny, who is the “you” addressed in the poems from Orkney. There is no better companion, travelling or otherwise.

Barton’s own poetry can be found at Kings of Train, and is well worth a look; as are other familiar names he’s published at Isacoustic: Daniel Paul Marshall, and Robert Okaji.

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11 thoughts on “Deep History & Old Childhood: 3 New Poems at Isacoustic

  1. St Magnus wins it for me. Tim manages to really hold the attention in a long poem, which is a feat in itself & the ending is a beauty. This line too

    “remember death while you live so the living
    might remember you when you are dead.”

    i am easily wooed by chiasmus.

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