i’ll know you’re coming by…

I don’t possess the answers, but Daniel Paul Marshall certainly has the questions!

Daniel Paul Marshall

The question mark defines our humanity, we are human because we have questions. Ask questions, always. Hang your humanity on it. i’m working a lot on sonnets these days; it is a wonderful form.

i’ll know you’re coming by | the momentary dip
in light. Describe yourself in the space of a quatrain.
i’ll take just 4 words & a ?: what makes me human?
The a priori tapped in human does the job
of cryptic semiotics | the crossword puzzle | hopscotch
of nouns & adjectives— is this the nihilism of progress
or the progress of nihilism? Reduction | acquiescence
or just plain sensible? i’d call it nothing short of deadlock.

This basic | we’re all odd & even: even with one another
& odd with the inestimable latitudes & longitudes
of the skull | which nature probably won’t survive.

The light still hasn’t dipped | you haven’t…

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