Shakuhachi Blues


Shakuhachi Blues

That waver,
like the end of a long

dream flickering to wakefulness,
or an origami crane

unfolding between whiskey
poured and the tale of deceit

and a good woman done wrong.
Air flutters through this bamboo

tube, and it seems I control
nothing. Inhaling, I try again.


A simple instrument that will take a lifetime to learn…

14 thoughts on “Shakuhachi Blues

  1. Just for once I’m going to blow my own flute here on your thread. [I have shakuhachi music playing in the background.] Maybe it was the whiskey mentioned, but I thought of Bukowski in a mellow mood, a mood to get up and greet the dawn whilst clutching the remnants of one of the previous night’s cans of beer. Strange threading, I know, but such is the way the the water of thoughts finds its own persistent level.

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