In the Fifth Chamber Lies the Hour’s End



In the Fifth Chamber Lies the Hour’s End

To fairly allocate irrigation resources, the Persians measured time with water,
sinking a bowl in a larger vessel and tallying the count with pebbles.

And what is time but counting, determining the number of units within a set?

The sum of beats between silences and their diminishing echoes?

Its symbol in the West grew from fig and ivy leaves, while early medical
illustrations depicted pine cone-shaped organs.

In most reptilians, the aorta receives only oxygenated blood.

Qanats pump by gravity. The hagfish’s second resides in its tail.

Recognize the empty as full. Squeezed shut, we open.
Contraction and flow, ejection, inflow, relaxation.

Emotion as electrical impulse. Murmuring valves. The color red.

The fifth chamber remains silent and undetected.

The primitive fish’s chambers are arranged sequentially, but in an S-shape.
Ancients believed arteries transported air through the body.

The Buddhist figure, too, originated in leaves, symbolizing not love

but enlightenment. The ache of failure confounds us.


mechanical heart

“In the Fifth Chamber Lies the Hour’s End” was first posted here in May 2016.


12 thoughts on “In the Fifth Chamber Lies the Hour’s End

      • A great title is an aesthetic aperitif, a stimulant to thought. It seems everyone wants to mix up some “hip” new aperitif with vermouth and pears and so on, but to me a simple sherry is so perfect, why mess with what works? A tiny glass of Bodegas Yuste Aurora Amontillado before you eat something nice? Perfect. “In the Fifth Chamber Lies the Hour’s End”? Perfect.

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          • When I tried the finest Peking duck ever made, at the most famous duck restaurant in Bejing (Peking) it was as if Reality “bent” a little thus was the extreme deliciousness of the dish. I have read more than a few of your titles and opening lines and experienced the same effect. Having studied both East and SouthEast Asia culture for a few decades, the line “I am Brahma, the straight line…” absolutely stunned me with its implications and aesthetic impact. “A little” can set a LOT of tone in your particular work.

            Consider your “aperitifs” 9 course meals fit to be set out at Ikuta Jinja for Amaterasu herself!

            Liked by 1 person

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